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Diesel Genset

Diesel to Power

Penerangan Produk

PowerLink diesel generator sets are compatible of meeting global emission and electrical standards including non- emission, Stage IIIA, European Stage V and Tier 4 Final. With a power range from 5KVA to 2000KVA, these products can effectively provide power and meet the needs of our customers and comply with CE and UL electrical standards.


PowerLink open type diesel generators are perfect to perform in both prime mode and standby mode, with a power range from 6KVA, up to 3250KVA at prime power rating. The design of PowerLink open type gensets are typically for projects with generator rooms with noise isolation materials built in. Past projects for open types consist of but not limited to factories, shopping centres, commercial buildings, hotels, airports, and power stations to grid supply.


PowerLink soundproof diesel generators are perfect to run under prime and continuous mode to offer users with stable and reliable power supply in peak or continuous operation, and provide an overall power range from 6KVA to 810KVA. The low fuel consumption and maintenance costs enhances return over initial investment, resulting in a shorter payback period. These gensets are perfect to be used in outdoor conditions as the canopy offers the comprehensive feature of being weather-proof.


PowerLink’s containerised diesel generator sets are a solution for large power outputs within minimal sound output and provides a power range of 725KVA to 3250KVA. The containerised design allows users to enter the interior of the unit to carry out maintenance and services, which totally solves the issue during adverse weather conditions. Previous applications of these gensets include data centres, shopping centres, construction sites, oil and gas plants, hotels, and office buildings, with more applications possible.

Ciri-ciri utama

  • Modularisation & standardisation

  • Short installation time

  • Small foot print

  • Efficient fuel consumption

  • Island or grid-connected operation mode

  • Reliable power at affordable price

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