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Genset Biogas

Biogas to Power

Product Description

PowerLink Biogas generators are widely used in agriculture, food industries, paper mills, medical factories and more, and are available as open, soundproof, or containerized structures which can be chosen based on different requirements. These units are designed as a continuous power unit to run up 8,000 hours on an annual basis, which can fulfil different emission levels in different areas.

Biogas generators have a high degree of reliability, efficiency, and flexibility. The biogas to power solution can be customized to suit different applications.

Key Features

  • Modularisation & standardisation

  • Short installation time

  • Small foot print

  • Efficient, clean and reduce carbon emissions

  • Island or grid-connected operation mode

  • Flexible adjustment of load in between 50% and 100%

  • Reliable power at affordable price

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