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Biogas Dehumidification System

Discover our cutting-edge biogas dehumidification systems that are engineered to remove moisture from biogas, improving its quality and ensuring optimal performance in gas engines and other applications


Why you do need
a Dehumidification System?

Our systems are designed to accommodate diverse capacities and requirements, making them an ideal fit for various industries. Our Biogas Dehumidification System incorporates crucial components that effectively extract moisture from biogas, enhancing its quality. The chiller plays a pivotal role by cooling the biogas and triggering moisture condensation. Chilled water from the tank circulates through the heat exchanger, absorbing heat from the biogas and causing moisture to condense. The condensate collector accumulates the resulting liquid. This seamless collaboration guarantees that the biogas emerges with minimized moisture content. The integrated operation of the chiller, chilled water tank, heat exchanger, and condensate collector yields improved biogas quality, adaptable to various applications. This integration optimizes energy efficiency and extends the lifespan of gensets and boilers.

Liziz biogas dehumidification 2_edited_edited.jpg

What can you get from
our system?

  • Efficiency: Our systems effectively remove moisture, reducing corrosion risks and ensuring the longevity of equipment.

  • Energy Optimization: Enhanced biogas quality leads to improved energy generation efficiency.

  • Low Maintenance: Designed for reliability and minimal maintenance needs.

  • Low Energy Consumption : Designed for energy conservation

  • Seamless Setup : all equipment pre-installed on a skid platform for convenient plug-and-play integration.

  • Custom Solutions: Tailored systems to suit your specific capacity and application needs.

Liziz biogas dehumidification 2_edited_edited.jpg
Biogas professional team
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Installation, Commissioning
& Training

Our skid-mounted dehumidification system, complete with pre-installed equipment for a seamless plug-and-play setup. Moreover, benefit from our complimentary commissioning services. We also offer comprehensive training to empower your team in maximizing system efficiency and performance.

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