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Huizhi Waste Gas Abatement Company

True Eco has had a longstanding collaboration with Huizhi since 2020. Huizhi (Shanghai Huizhi Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.) is an environmental protection company specializing in waste gas and water treatment, founded in 2011, and based in Shanghai. The company has subsidiaries in Huaian, Jiangsu, and Nanchang, Jiangxi. As a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai, Huizhi is a member of the Atmospheric Committee of the Shanghai Environmental Protection Industry Association, the VOCs Governance Industry-University-Research Alliance in the Yangtze River Delta, and the VOCs Governance Alumni Association of East China University of Science and Technology.

Huizhi has been awarded as Shanghai Trustworthy And Creditworthy Enterprise, an AAA-level credit rating unit, and has a level three qualification for environmental engineering contracting, a safety production license, and has passed the quality management system certification (ISO9001:2015), environmental management system (ISO14001:2015), and occupational health and safety management system (ISO45001:2018), and has dozens of patented technologies.

The main business of Huizhi is waste gas treatment and water treatment. We are authorized dealers of Pall and Suez from the United States, engaged in the sales and technical services of water treatment products and water treatment agents. As of today, the company has provided solutions for waste gas and water treatment processes for thousands of customers nationwide. The main products of waste gas treatment business include biological deodorization, molecular sieve rotary/activated carbon adsorption and desorption, catalytic combustion, photocatalytic oxidation, low-temperature plasma, chemical washing, pulse filter dust collector, wet electrostatic precipitator, and other products. The water treatment business mainly includes pure water systems, ultra-pure water treatment systems, and wastewater treatment and reuse systems. The company has a high-level and experienced research and development, design, production, construction, and commissioning team, with full-scale engineering implementation capabilities from design, production, installation to commissioning.

Huizhi Waste Gas Engineering Company

Factory in Huai'an

has standard modern factory buildings, equipped with various processing equipment such as laser cutting machines, fiberglass winding machines, CNC machine tools, bending machines, and shears. It has complete processing conditions for fiberglass, stainless steel, and carbon steel environmental protection equipment and can produce various sets of environmental protection equipment.

Waste Gas Abatement Solutions

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry

The pharmaceutical manufacturing industry can generate volatile organic compounds (VOCs) during various processes, including extraction, refining, distillation, and conveying. Additionally, the waste gas produced contains complex components, such as drug dust particles, fermentation exhaust gas, acid and alkali waste gas, and unpleasant odors, which make it challenging to treat the process waste gas. We provide optimal treatment solutions for the organic waste gas emissions of VOCs in different pharmaceutical production processes, such as fermentation, chemical synthesis, and extraction. These solutions are customized to the specific characteristics of each process to best meet the needs of pharmaceutical factories.

Waste Gas Treatment for Pharmaceutical

Chemical Manufacturing Process

The chemical industry encompasses a wide range of sectors, including the production of basic chemical raw materials, dyes, fragrances and flavors, paints, coatings, pesticides, plastics, fertilizers, photosensitive materials, chemical reagents, detergents, refrigerants, and other related products. Additionally, the industry includes the petroleum, metallurgical, food, fuel, leather, ceramic, glass, synthetic rubber, and uranium enrichment extraction sectors. However, the chemical manufacturing process can result in the production of various waste gases such as carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, methane, volatile organic compounds, hydrogen chloride, hydrogen fluoride, and others. We understand the importance of minimizing the impact of these waste gases on the environment, and offer optimal abatement solutions to assist chemical companies in meeting environmental requirements.

Waste Gas Treatment for chemical manufacturing

Particulate Matters

Particulate matter (PM) is a type of air pollution that is commonly found in industrial settings, but can also originate from other sources. Several industries, including mining and mineral processing plants, coal-fired power plants, and various manufacturing processes involving boilers, are particularly susceptible to PM emissions. Our services provide a solution to efficiently and affordably remove particulate matter using advanced treatment methods.



Industrial Smoke Particulate Matters Removal

Project Photo Gallery

Activated carbon adsorption
Biological deodorization
Acid-base waste gas treatment project
Activated Carbon Adsorption
Pulse Cartidge Dust Collector n Pulse Bag Filter
Wet Electrostatic Precipitator
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