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PowerLink logo Generator Set

True Eco and PowerLink have formed a long-standing partnership built on PowerLink's reputation for reliable and high-quality products, as well as excellent after-sales services.

PowerLink is a world-renowned supplier of gensets, offering reliable and cost-efficient solutions to ensure uninterrupted operations. Leveraging PowerLink vast experience and industry-leading products, we are committed to providing the highest quality services to our customers in Malaysia as well as Southeast Asia. 

With more than two decades of experience in the mobile energy sector, PowerLink prioritizes enterprise stability, product quality, and financial strength. PowerLink operate two manufacturing plants that collectively span over 400,000 square feet, ensuring speedy product manufacturing, immediate delivery, and ready availability of spare parts.

PowerLink and our professional engineer team are always ready to provide technical support and assistance to our customers at every stage of their journey, including pre-sales, in-sales, and after-sales services.

PowerLink has successfully delivered around 125000 generators into to users in 98 countries.

Factory Powerlink - Shanghai Genset Factory.jpg

Headquarter in Shanghai

PowerLink Management Headquarter;

R&D Center;

Customized Intelligent Equipment Factory;

New Energy Engineering Service Center;

Investment Management Headquarter

Factory Powerlink - UK Genset Manufacturing

Factory in UK

British Standardized Manufacturing Plant;

Serving the European, African and Middle East Markets;

Providing Localized Services and Rapid Delivery

Factory Powerlink - Australia. Genset Factory

Factory in Australia

Australian Standardized Manufacturing Plant;

Pacific Ocean Sales office;

Serving the Pacific Region;

Providing Localized Services and Rapid Delivery


Biogas genset

Power Range   : 10~2000 kWe

Type                  : Open, Soundproof, and Container type    


PowerLink Biogas Genset

CHP Unit

Power Range   : 10~2000 kWe

Type                  : Open, Soundproof, and Container type    

CHP Powerlink Genset

Natural Gas Genset

10kw - 2000kw 
Type : Open, Soundproof, and Containerized 

Natural Gas Powerlink Genset

Diesel Genset

5 KVA - 2000 KVA 

Type : Open, Soundproof, and Containerized.

Diesel Powerlink Genset

Project Photo Gallery

CHP Genset with high efficiency
Powerlink Biogas Genset 205kw open type
Diesel 1MW PowerLink Genset
PowerLink Gas generator GXE250C-Natural Gas
PowerLink UK Biogas Cogeneration unit
PowerLink Korea Project CG560-6BG  Biogas Genset
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