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CHP Unit

Combined Heat to Power

Product Description

Our Gas Cogeneration Gensets are a series of energy-saving products with a power range of 10KW – 2000KW, and are fitted with a selection of different engines, which allow our engines to meet the needs of different types of applications. Our generator sets are fitted with a PLM (full life cycle management) system which can generate reports and will display System data management and will show you the value of investment we have applied to these systems. Stable operation and quick recovery of investment are targets that our design and manufacturing department work for. And we did it.

From materials to manufacturing, we know the significance of stability and durability for investors. From materials, chemical calculation, parts technology, fluid calculation, heat exchange technology, mechanical design, automatic control, and Internet of things technology, the application of these professional technologies is the basic condition for the stable operation of biogas cogeneration systems.


PowerLink Open Type Gas CHP units are perfect to perform in projects requiring both Heat and Power to be generated and are typically used for projects with generator rooms with noise isolation materials built in. The capacity of open types ranging from as little as 10KW, up to 2000KW at prime power rating. Past projects for open types consist of but not limited to factories, shopping centres, commercial buildings, hotels, airports, and power stations to grid supply. Quality control remains our top priority in generator manufacturing and performance.


PowerLink Soundproof Gas CHP units are perfect to run under prime and continuous mode to offer users with stable and reliable power supply in continuous use, ranging from 10KW to 520KW. The low fuel consumption and maintenance cost enhances return over investment, resulting in a shorter payback period. All soundproof type units were thoughtful in terms of the design work, to maximise the level of convenience during maintenance and service. The build quality results in our generators to be exceptionally durable as every step of production is tightly quality controlled due to the canopy outer shell, these generators are Perfect to be used in outdoor condition.


PowerLink Containerized Gas CHP units are perfect to offer users with stable and reliable power supply in continuous or standby power situations and provides an overall power range of 100KW to 2000KW. The size of 20ft and 40ft SOC structure can be selected depending on site requirement combining with the required output capacity and allows users to enter the interior of the unit to carry out maintenance and services, which totally solves the issue during adverse weather conditions. Containerized generators are mostly selected for big projects, with previous applications including data centre, shopping centres, construction, oil and gas plants, hotels, office buildings, and more.

Key Features

  • Modularisation & standardisation

  • Short installation time

  • Small foot print

  • Efficient, clean and reduce carbon emissions

  • Island or grid-connected operation mode

  • Flexible adjustment of load in between 50% and 100%

  • Reliable power at affordable price

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